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Bogdan Culic MD

“Due to the huge impact on patients' personality, we give a significant importance to Dental Aesthetics. With care and with the professionalism of our staff at Smart Dental we succeed to set our patients’ mind to a state of ease and relaxation while delivering safety and excellence through our services.”

Dental appointments

For an overview of the oral cavity, we start with a specialist consultation for the determination of your dental status. In the same time, we will take in consideration your general health issues, your needs, desires and expectations. We will fill in a medical questionnaire in order to make sure we have all the information and understand your dental needs. A panoramic X-Ray is often needed to finalize the big picture. Also we will probably take some dental photos, based on which we will discuss details and treatment plans from an aesthetic point of view. Dental aesthetics is the branch of dentistry with the greatest impact on your personality, that's why we will discuss all the treatment possibilities you can benefit from in our clinic. Following the clinical examination, we will present you with several treatment options and by mutual agreement we will choose a personalized treatment plan. Patient education is an ongoing concern in our clinic.

According to the principle "a picture is worth a thousand words", over 100 animation videos (Media Med, Canada) that illustrate different medical procedures will be made available to you. In this way, being our patient you will be able to get a real picture of the treatments you benefit from. We keep our standards high, living up to your expectations.

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