Prosthetic dentistry

About dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics is dealing with functional and aesthetic denture restoration. Smart Dental is manufacturing and positioning a wide variety of prosthetics:
- Ceramic prosthetics made with zirconium
- Crowns made with feldspar based ceramics
- Dental veneers made with feldspar based ceramics
- Metal-ceramic prosthetics - biocompatible metal alloys covered with ceramic material
- Prosthetics for implant positioning
- Fixed prosthesis
- Mobile prosthesis.

What is expected from dental prosthetics?

- the main concern when it comes to dental prosthetics is the overall look of them. At Smart Dental we perform prosthetics that are fitting perfectly from the standpoint of shape, colour and comfort
- another main concern of our experts is to maintain the health of gingiva next to the prosthetics.

Every tooth preparation for prosthetic positioning is made to have a threshold. Experience taught us that when prosthetics are positioned on a tooth prepared with a threshold, this ensures the preservation of a healthy periodontium.

At Smart Dental clinic, CEREC has become the number one option in the reconstruction of teeth with extensive damage.

With CEREC made inlays only the damaged areas are addressed, preserving as much as possible from our patient’s teeth and thus becoming the first choice when compared to dental crowns. Positioning of crowns requires complete grinding of the tooth.

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