Dental prophylaxis

What is dental prophylaxis?

Dental prophylaxis is the simplest and cheapest method of dental treatment. Under the name of dental prophylaxis are brought together all methods of preventing disease of dental tissues. In our clinic we offer you the following dental prophylaxis services:
- periodic dental status inspection
- guidelines on dental hygiene, effective brushing methods and how to use auxiliary means of hygiene (flossing, interdental brushes)
- descaling, professional brushing and air-flow (air abrasion)
- fluoridation
- teeth sealing.

About oral hygiene

The hygiene of the oral cavity is of major importance, both for our health and from a social point of view because when we come in contact with another person the first impact is the visual one, and a beautiful smile is an extra point. Patients often try to do a proper brushing but unfortunately do not know how. For this reason when you will be in our office, we will explain in detail all the methods of brushing teeth as well as how to use auxiliary methods of sanitation.

What should we do?

We recommend a complete descaling session twice a year. All teeth should be cleaned regardless of visible tartar or not. Also tooth brushing every morning and evening is important for preventing periodontitis. Brushing has to be done correctly, otherwise it could do harm instead of helping.

What we should`t do?

Do not try "popular" methods of removing tartar with various substances. The tartar will not disappear, instead you can become intoxicated. Do not delay teeth descaling. The tartar together with the microbes in them move under the gum opening a door of opportunity for disease to evolve.

Most methods of prophylaxis are based on the use of fluoride. Used properly it has the ability of improving and strengthening dental structures. Fluoridation is done by application on teeth of gels, pastes with high fluoride content.

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