What is pediatric dentistry?

It is a branch of dentistry concerned with the care of children’s teeth including the following:
- Prophylactic and curative treatment of children’s teeth
- Dental anomalies
- Prevention of cavities and gum disease
- Bacterial plaque control
- Oral hygiene training.

Visiting your children’s pedodontist once in a while is the way of helping your baby have a cavity free beautiful, bright smile. At Smart Dental our pedodontist is proactive with prophylactic treatments making sure that everything is done so that your children are fully equipped to avoid possible future dental conditions.

When is the best time to begin?

Teeth brushing should begin with the show of first tooth and visiting the dental office should begin no later than at the age of 3 years old. It is necessary that the first contact with the dentist takes place at an early age so prophylactic treatments are performed and the training for keeping correct dental hygiene is delivered.

Our main goal is that a child will reach adulthood with no cavities or other dental conditions. A visit to the dental office made at an early age is also important in order to create in children’s mind a sense of importance and familiarity when it comes to dental care.

Explain to your child with a positive attitude that it is time to pay a visit to the dental office. This way together with us you will be able to have for your child a pleasant experience and he will gladly return need be.

While you talk to him, try not to use words like pain, fear, injection. We use a special vocabulary through which we explain to the child every maneuver we will do, watching him relax and enjoy the new beneficial experience. We must keep in mind that the little one may not be in a good mood at every appointment. In these situations, it is good to cancel the meeting so that he does not gain repulsion towards the dental treatment.

Our strategy in treating children (and not only) is based on prophylaxis and regular check-ups. Thus we provide the child with extra comfort because by early detection of caries or possible orthodontic problems, dental procedures will be minimally invasive. We recommend regular check-ups every 6 months, which consist of professional consultation and dental hygiene. We also recommend the application of fluoride gels twice a year in order to increase the resistance of the enamel.

What is dental sealing?

The best method of prophylaxis is to seal ditches and dimples (pits on the surface of the tooth). Sealing of grooves and occlusal dimples is the prophylaxis for cavities on the occlusal surfaces of teeth in grooves and dimples. These caries also occur due to the fact that hygiene in these cracks is more difficult due to the smaller size of the floss in the toothbrushes, situations in which deep cracks create food retention and bacterial plaque, ideal factors for triggering the caries process. Sealing of occlusal grooves is considered a method of immunizing dental surfaces and is done with opaque or transparent light-curable composite resins. Dental sealing is done by a simple method that we perform in the Smart Dental clinic.

Useful tips in preventing tooth decay:
- Reduce the frequency of food consumption between main meals
- Encourage teeth brushing and flossing
- Be aware that intake of soft drinks with high sugar content is very unhealthy for teeth.
- Avoid eating sticky foods (caramels, gummy candies).

All prophylaxis treatments have the main and only goal of avoiding the appearance of dental caries or other dental conditions.

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