Dental Aesthetics

Dental Aesthetics

Prosthetics as dental veneers, inlay/onlay and crowns are foundation elements for designing a desired look for a patient’s smile. Smart Dental's team of experienced doctors has state-of-the-art digital technology for accurate and fast results.

Dental whitening

The intake of coffee, tea, regular beverages, red wine, cigarettes or simply the process of aging can have as end result changes in teeth colouring.

At Smart Dental clinic we use the Zoom Advanced Power UV lamp manufactured by Philips, a whitening system that delivers remarkable results in only 45 minutes. This procedure is non-invasive and does not cause any kind of discomfort. In a single session, ZOOM succeeds in what traditional procedures have failed for months. Zoom Advanced Power is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results and will whiten your teeth with an average of 6 to 8 shades of their natural color in just 45 minutes. Anyone’s smile is important. It's one of the first things that gets noticed when meeting someone.

Tooth enamel is NOT affected or demineralized after this treatment. After the whitening treatment, a transient sensation of sensitivity may appear in the teeth. By applying Relief ACP Oral Care Gel, included in the whitening kit, the sensitivity will decrease until it disappears after 24 hours.

Zoom teeth whitening technology is number 1 in the United States and is featured in the popular ABC television show "Extreme Makeovers". The Zoom Advanced power system is manufactured by Discus Dental Inc., USA. Founded in 1993, Discus Dental Inc. is a world leader in the promotion and distribution of professional dental dental clinical products. Discus Dental also provides global support for the development of new dental medical products and services.

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