Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Digital Smile Design - recreating your smile

No long ago, prosthetics were used without having the advantage of premanufacturing validation. With the help of Digital Smile Design technology, we can anticipate the end result desired by the patient. We actually give our patients the opportunity to view the prosthetics shape before it’s completed. Together with the patient we will build the shape of prosthetic to be by:

  • taking high quality digital photos
  • presenting our portfolio of similar cases and their end results
  • highlighting the end result by adding white wax onto the study model
  • presenting the denture’s final shape by adding composite materials onto the study model
  • introducing to our patients the finalised study model created based on the last two stages presented above
  • fine tuning through computer simulation the prosthetic’s shape, position and color.

At the time when prosthetics are manufactured, our patients will already know how their finalised denture will look like.

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