Dentoalveolar surgery

Oral / dentoalveolar surgery

Oral surgery, also called dentoalveolar surgery, is an extremely important branch of dentistry and includes a number of interventions necessary for an effective treatment of several oral conditions. The most common procedures of oral surgery are:

  • wisdom teeth extraction (odontectomy);
  • extraction of canines and gingiva covered molars;
  • gingivectomies and gingivoplasty;
  • apical resections;
  • treatment of abscesses and cysts.
Tooth extraction stages

At Smart Dental clinic, the standard procedure for extractions is to be performed only after a series xRay and/or computerized axial tomography examinations. Imaging provides essential information for an extraction to be successfully performed.

During recovery - that can last for several days - the patient may feel some discomfort. For an easy healing process, we prescribe a minimal required amount of analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics.

In addition to dental extractions, the following interventions are also performed in our clinic:

  • gingivectomy, gingivoplasty;
  • cystectomies;
  • abscesses drainage;
  • apical resections.

Our experts in surgery have the responsibility to decide whether or not such a procedure is recommended or not to be part of the treatment plan.

Teeth extraction is the most common surgery procedure. It is performed when the natural tooth can no longer be saved by other alternative methods (eg root canal treatment).

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