CAD/CAM digital dentistry

CAD / CAM digital dentistry

CAD / CAM has been implemented for more than half a century ago. Since its inception in the 1950s, it has reached many milestones of development and currently it is an important technology used in aircraft and automotive industries.

The use of CAD / CAM systems in dentistry has become increasingly popular in the last 25 years. This innovation was developed to solve three problems. The first challenge was to ensure adequate restorative strength, especially for the posterior teeth. The second challenge was to create restorations that looked as close as possible to the natural one. The third aimed to conveniently restore teeth as fast and as precise as possible.

The applications of digital dentistry can be found in the diagram below
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Cerec 3D CAD / CAM technology, the future of dentistry!

Using Sirona CEREC 3D system is the best way to perform dental reconstruction. This specific technology is widespread throughout the United States and it was introduced at Smart Dental in 2012. Today we are proud that our office is among the 7% of Cad/Cam users all around the world.

What is the CEREC 3D system?

CEREC 3D (Sirona, Germany), CAD / CAM method (Computer Assisted Design - Computer Assisted Manufacture) has a high-accuracy video camera that is connected to a computer. Once the captured information is downloaded into the computer, a complete design for the restoration process is automatically created. The computer, in the design of the dental crown, will take into account the neighboring teeth but also the antagonistic ones, offering the doctor the best option for your tooth. Once design in place it is sent to the milling machine where a standardised ceramic block is shaped using precise diamond cutters. This method not only finds the best possible way of dental restoration but also it is performed with fine accuracy.

With CEREC 3D CAD / CAM from Sirona, a whole range of dental restoration products can be now manufactured in only a few minutes. There is a full variety of ceramic colours to choose from in order to match neighboring teeth.

CEREC proved itself in the last years of use becoming the most important restorative treatment option in the United States and thus becoming a distinct branch of modern dentistry.

In essence, CEREC relies on computer technology for complete reconstruction of a tooth in a single visit to the dentist.

Advantages of CEREC 3D

- Carrying out all-ceramic restorations at the same time;
- Saving time and cutting off all the intermediary stages needed before for completion;
- CEREC restorations do not involve using metal at all. All the prosthetics are made from a 100% biocompatible material - dental ceramic, helping to eliminate allergies and bad breath.;
- Since the level of precision is so high, there is no longer needed to remove unnecessary content from your natural tooth;
- It is by far the ideal option for treating cavities, replacing altered dental tissue with ceramic material and not with composite resins, preserving this way the original look;
- Due to the fact that the whole process is automated, there is no room left for a potential human error.

Few samples of CAD / CAM prosthetics made by Smart Dental
Some practical examples: one day implant, surgical guides and temporary prosthetics
3D optical print

At Smart Dental clinic instead of classical material based imprints, the optical imprint is comfortable, fast and makes life way easier for patients and doctors alike.


At Smart Dental clinic, CEREC is the only available option for teeth with extensive damage (deep cavities or replacement of a large filling material). In these cases in-house manufactured ceramic pieces successfully replace all damaged areas.

With CEREC made inlays only the damaged areas are addressed, preserving as much as possible from our patient’s teeth and thus becoming the first choice when compared to dental crowns. Positioning of crowns requires complete grinding of the tooth.

When faced to compare a Cerec onlay with a classic crown, we learned that patients will always choose Cerec prosthetics as an option for their denture. With this technology the natural beauty of a tooth can be successfully preserved.

We are 100% sure that this is the dentistry of the future and we will always encourage conservative, precise and resistant coronary reconstructions to the detriment of the classic fillings (fillings), which will not be able to ensure the necessary resistance of the tooth.

- Using CEREC the surface of saved natural tooth is maximised;
- Instead of polishing the tooth and installing a crown on it, with CEREC the natural look of a tooth can be preserved in as much as 90% of cases;
- The treatment can be performed in a single session, saving time for the patient;
- CEREC uses a highly biocompatible material - dental ceramic has similar properties to those of natural tooth enamel;
- More than 20 years of experience proved outstanding reliability for this system;
- 3D Dental Printing performed by computer scanning, releases patients from any uncomfortable experiences;
- When fixing a cavity, no temporary prosthetics are needed any longer;
- Due to a large spectrum of available colours, the tooth’s natural colour can be closely mimicked;
- Undoubtedly CEREC means significant progress in dentistry.

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