Sterilization at Melag Germany standards

Smart Dental is a Reference Clinic for Melag - a top German manufacturer for sterilisation solutions. Dental tools sterilization a priority in the Smart Dental clinic.

Smart Dental is Melag referenz clinic

Used dental instrument’s sterilization routine:

  • Decontamination by using law compliant chemical solutions;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of instruments in the washing machine and instrument disinfection: Thermodesinfector Evolution – Melag, Germany
  • Manually finishing the cleaning process sustained with a professional magnifier;
  • Drying and packaging in single-use, properly labeled envelopes: MELASealPro, Germany
  • The actual automated sterilisation performed with - Melag Vacuklav 44B, Germany, provides the safest sterilization, compliant with European standards EN 13060, the highest standard for sterilization;
  • Sterilization cycle control and instrument traceability through the application Melatrace;
  • Placing barcode tags on each envelope containing the following information: sterilisation date, sterilisation time and the supervisor’s identity;
  • Delivery of dental instruments into designated storage compartments.

Compliance with the rules of asepsis and antisepsis, as well as investments in sterilization equipment, is a guarantee that in the Smart Dental clinic we will be able to treat you without the risk of contacting diseases transmitted through blood and saliva.

During dental treatment, we use only disposable consumables (bibs, needles, gloves, masks, mouth vacuum cleaners), and during the preparation of the dental office after each patient, the nurses disinfect all contact surfaces (armchair and dental unit, vacuum cleaners , air-water spray, lamp) with disinfectant solutions.

Each of our dental offices is equipped with biological water filters, a mechanical ventilation system with the change of indoor air 4 times per hour, and the floors are decorated with antibacterial and antiseptic PVC resins. Disinfection of air and surfaces in rooms is carried out with the help of UV bactericidal lamps. Access to the treatment rooms is allowed only after covering the shoes with disposable boots. All these conditions are strictly observed for your safety!

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