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We try to keep up with the new requirements of the reality in which we live, that's why we had the initiative to redefine the notion of modern courses in conditions of social isolation. The clinic has a conference room with the Live OP facility, the transmission being provided from the main office of the clinic directly in the room.

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We are very pleased to invite you to the Smart Dental clinic which offers a super modern building with three floors, private parking for eight cars, elevator, with access for people with disabilities, classroom with an area of 44.39 sqm, halls with generous spaces, terrace. The access is made through the main entrance of the clinic located on Republicii street no. 102.

Theoretical courses
  • the capacity of the room is 18 participants positioned at tables arranged in a "U" shape, with individual access to sockets
  • the possibility of organizing coffee breaks and serving a snack for all participants in the vicinity of the classroom. Participants can take a breath of fresh air on the balcony near the classroom and move to the ground floor with the elevator.
Hands-on courses with live OP
  • a dental office equipped for video transmissions; 4k camera transmission and a dedicated camera attached to the Sirona dental unit lamp or the Drager surgical lamp
  • sound system from the office, film control monitor, film recording
  • Automated controllable equipment - Kramer system
  • Epson video projector and retractable screen
  • Surround Sound System
  • Blackout blinds
  • Additional 4K monitor
  • High speed wireless Internet connection
  • Flipchart
  • Climate control system
  • 18 places event hall, with the tables arranged in a "U" shape (or other configurations)
  • 4K live broadcast from the demo office
  • Filming and shooting the event (on request)
  • Computer (on request).

For any type of event: webinar, online course, workshop, training, mini conference or meeting in Cluj-Napoca. We provide you with all the logistics and support necessary for a special experience for your guests.
tel.: +40 749 410 699

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