Smart Dental clinic is in line with all the provisions in force regarding the prevention of COVID 19.
- Access to the clinic is made exclusively by wearing a protective mask. It will be worn permanently and will be removed only when performing dental operations
- Upon entering the clinic, patients will sanitize their hands with antibacterial disinfectant solutions
- Body temperature will be monitored and a value of over 37.3 degrees Celsius will lead to the cancellation of programming
- Patients will use the disposable boot applied automatically by a thermal process by a special device for access to offices
- Personal belongings will be stored in specially arranged places in the clinic
- Medical personnel wear disposable protective equipment throughout the performance of dental work
- After each patient, the office as well as the medical instruments are disinfected and sterilized according to the legislative norms in force with state-of-the-art equipment
- Periodic and thorough sanitation is performed for the entire surface of the clinic
- The handles and handles of all doors are constantly disinfected
- Schedules will be arranged so as not to create congestion
- There is a door for patients to access the entrance and another when patients leave the premises so that the flow of people does not intersect.

Appointments can be made using:
- the contact form on the website Smart Dental
- our contact details
- by calling one of the telephone numbers available on the website ( or on Smart Dental Facebook page
- staff at the reception of the clinic, located on Republicii street no. 102 from Cluj-Napoca.

Our colleagues will provide you with all the necessary information and together you will set the date and time of your consultation. In order to be able to organize your personal program conveniently, you receive a text message by phone before the scheduled appointment.

Yes. Our clinic has its own car park dedicated to all patients and which can be accessed by calling our colleagues through the entrance intercom, which will raise the barrier for you.

Yes. At Smart Dental clinic there are special facilities for access for the elderly or people with locomotor disabilities and access to the 5 offices upstairs is by elevator.

Sure. With us, patients have the opportunity to choose the pace of payments made during the period in which the treatment takes place. Payment can be made in cash or by card and at your request we can provide you with proving tax documents.

Sure you do. If a company chooses to treat its employees at our clinic, we can offer additional benefits based on the existing needs of its staff.

Few minutes. Smart Dental has the advantage of having its own fully automated dental prosthesis processing unit - Computer Assisted Design - Computer Assisted Manufacture - or in short CAD-CAM technology, reducing the need for more visits and thus considerably shortening the duration of dental treatment. Basically, we can create and cement an all-ceramic crown for you in a single visit.

Absolutely. All work performed is accompanied by a 2-year warranty. During the warranty period it is recommended to make checkup appointments with us at every 6 months to check the integrity of the work and to make any necessary adjustments.

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